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Outdated: Past Events

Outdated was a multi-media project co-created with artist Vera Yun-Ju Lee for the Goldsmiths MA Final Shows Festival, June 2019. 

Centered around the climate crisis, the audience is invited to witness a non-linear conversation between two women as  they question previously held aspirations around their futures. Aspirations which may be ‘outdated’ and no longer suited to the coming years. Drawing on ages, dates and dailiness in life, Outdated explores the anxiety, uncertainty and a sense of distance that comes from engaging with the current climate predictions.

Studio 3, Goldsmiths college, June 2019.

Projected video, original audio track, cotton fabric, hazer.

Videographer: Megan Kennison. Performers: Ruah Berney-Pearson, Vera Yun Ju-Lee.

Outdated: Text
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‘Jakarta, one of the world’s fastest growing cities and today home to ten million people, could be completely under water by 2050 if we do not halt current emissions; Since 2016, half of all coral in the Great Barrier Reef has been completely bleached; On my 80th birthday it would be 2074’

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